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Research topics and ideas about blockchain and crypto

If you’re just starting out exploring blockchain-related topics for your dissertation, thesis or research project, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll help kickstart your research by providing a hearty list of research topics and ideas related to blockchain and crypto, including examples from recent studies.

PS – This is just the start…

We know it’s exciting to run through a list of research topics, but please keep in mind that this list is just a starting point. These topic ideas provided here are intentionally broad and generic, so keep in mind that you will need to develop them further. Nevertheless, they should inspire some ideas for your project.

To develop a suitable research topic, you’ll need to identify a clear and convincing research gap, and a viable plan to fill that gap. If this sounds foreign to you, check out our free research topic webinar that explores how to find and refine a high-quality research topic, from scratch. Alternatively, consider our 1-on-1 coaching service.

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Blockchain & Crypto-Related Research Topics

  1. The application of blockchain technology in securing electronic health records.
  2. Investigating the potential of smart contracts in automating insurance claims.
  3. The impact of blockchain on the traceability and transparency in supply chain management.
  4. Developing a blockchain-based voting system for enhancing electoral transparency.
  5. The role of blockchain in combating counterfeit goods in the luxury goods market.
  6. Assessing the security implications of quantum computing on cryptocurrency encryption.
  7. The use of blockchain for royalty distribution in the music industry.
  8. Investigating the scalability challenges of Ethereum and potential solutions.
  9. The impact of blockchain technology on cross-border remittances in developing countries.
  10. Developing a blockchain framework for real-time IoT device management.
  11. The application of tokenization in real estate asset management.
  12. Examining regulatory challenges for cryptocurrency exchanges in different jurisdictions.
  13. The potential of decentralized finance (DeFi) in disrupting traditional banking.
  14. Investigating the environmental impact of Bitcoin mining and potential sustainable alternatives.
  15. The role of blockchain in enhancing data security in cloud computing.
  16. Analysing the impact of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) on traditional venture capital funding.
  17. The use of blockchain for enhancing transparency in charitable organizations.
  18. Assessing the potential of blockchain in combating online identity theft and fraud.
  19. Investigating the use of cryptocurrency in illicit trade and its regulatory implications.
  20. The application of blockchain in automating and securing international trade finance.
  21. Analysing the efficiency of different consensus algorithms in blockchain networks.
  22. The potential of blockchain technology in managing intellectual property rights.
  23. Developing a decentralized platform for peer-to-peer energy trading using blockchain.
  24. Investigating the security vulnerabilities of various cryptocurrency wallets.
  25. The role of blockchain in revolutionizing the gaming industry through in-game assets.
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Blockchain & Crypto Research Ideas (Continued)

  1. Assessing the impact of cryptocurrency adoption on monetary policy and banking systems.
  2. Investigating the integration of blockchain technology in the automotive industry for vehicle history tracking.
  3. The use of blockchain for secure and transparent public record keeping in government sectors.
  4. Analysing consumer adoption patterns and trust issues in cryptocurrency transactions.
  5. The application of blockchain in streamlining and securing online voting systems.
  6. Developing a blockchain-based platform for academic credential verification.
  7. Examining the impact of blockchain on enhancing privacy and security in social media platforms.
  8. The potential of blockchain in transforming the retail industry through supply chain transparency.
  9. Investigating the feasibility of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).
  10. The use of blockchain in creating tamper-proof digital evidence systems for law enforcement.
  11. Analysing the role of cryptocurrency in financial inclusion in underbanked regions.
  12. Developing a blockchain solution for secure digital identity management.
  13. Investigating the use of blockchain in food safety and traceability.
  14. The potential of blockchain in streamlining and securing e-commerce transactions.
  15. Assessing the legal and ethical implications of smart contracts.
  16. The role of blockchain in the future of freelance and gig economy payments.
  17. Analysing the security and efficiency of cross-chain transactions in blockchain networks.
  18. The potential of blockchain for digital rights management in the media and entertainment industry.
  19. Investigating the impact of blockchain technology on the stock market and asset trading.
  20. Developing a blockchain framework for transparent and efficient public sector audits.
  21. The use of blockchain in ensuring the authenticity of luxury products.
  22. Analysing the challenges and opportunities of blockchain implementation in the healthcare sector.
  23. The potential of blockchain in transforming the logistics and transportation industry.
  24. Investigating the role of blockchain in mitigating risks in supply chain disruptions.
  25. The application of blockchain in enhancing transparency and accountability in non-profit organizations.
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Recent Blockchain-Related Studies

While the ideas we’ve presented above are a decent starting point for finding a  research topic, they are fairly generic and non-specific. So, it helps to look at actual studies in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space to see how this all comes together in practice.

Below, we’ve included a selection of recent studies to help refine your thinking. These are actual studies, so they can provide some useful insight as to what a research topic looks like in practice.

  • A Novel Optimization for GPU Mining Using Overclocking and Undervolting (Shuaib et al., 2022).
  • Systematic Review of Security Vulnerabilities in Ethereum Blockchain Smart Contract (Kushwaha et al., 2022).
  • Blockchain for Modern Applications: A Survey (Krichen et al., 2022).
  • The Role and Potential of Blockchain Technology in Islamic Finance (Truby et al., 2022).
  • Analysis of the Security and Reliability of Cryptocurrency Systems Using Knowledge Discovery and Machine Learning Methods (Shahbazi & Byun, 2022).
  • Blockchain technology used in medicine. A brief survey (Virgolici et al., 2022).
  • On the Deployment of Blockchain in Edge Computing Wireless Networks (Jaafar et al., 2022).
  • The Blockchains Technologies for Cryptocurrencies: A Review (Taha & Alanezi, 2022).
    Cryptocurrencies Advantages and Disadvantages: A Review (Qaroush et al., 2022).
  • Blockchain Implementation in Financial Sector and Cyber Security System (Panduro-Ramirez et al., 2022).
  • Secure Blockchain Interworking Using Extended Smart Contract (Fujimoto et al., 2022).
  • Cryptocurrency: The Present and the Future Scenario (Kommuru et al., 2022).
  • Preparation for Post-Quantum era: a survey about blockchain schemes from a post-quantum perspective (Ciulei et al., 2022).
  • Cryptocurrency Blockchain Technology in the Digital Revolution Era (Astuti et al., 2022).
  • D-RAM Distribution: A Popular Energy-Saving Memory Mining Blockchain Technology (Jing, 2022).
  • A Survey on Blockchain for Bitcoin and Its Future Perspectives (Garg et al., 2022).
  • Blockchain Security: A Survey of Techniques and Research Directions (Leng et al., 2022).
  • The Importance and Use of Blockchain Technology in International Payment Methods (Erdoğdu & Ünüsan, 2023).
  • Some Insights on Open Problems in Blockchains: Explorative Tracks for Tezos (Invited Talk) (Conchon, 2022).

As you can see, these research topics are a lot more focused than the generic topic ideas we presented earlier. So, in order for you to develop a high-quality research topic, you’ll need to get specific and laser-focused on a specific context with specific variables of interest.  In the video below, we explore some other important things you’ll need to consider when crafting your research topic.

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