Frequently Asked Questions

Have a burning question about our services? Here we cover some of the most popular questions we receive, grouped by category:

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Is Grad Coach free?

No. We provide private, 1-on-1 research coaching and support services. Naturally, these come at a price. You can view our pricing structure here.

Which universities and degrees do you support?

We can support a wide range of degrees at Bachelors, Honours, Masters and Doctoral level, particularly those within the social sciences.

Our expertise lies in the generic research process itself, not any specific research area (although our coaches do of course have backgrounds in various research areas). Therefore, we can assist students from a wide variety of research areas.

If you’re unsure, feel free to drop us an email.

How is Grad Coach different from a normal supervisor or advisor?

There are 5 key differences, namely:

  • Grad Coach provides unlimited, multi-channel, on-demand support – whereas a supervisor can usually only spend limited time with a student.
  • Grad Coach provides plain-language, actionable advice and feedback – whereas supervisors often communicate in complex “ivory tower academic-speak”.
  • Grad Coach provides a range of time-saving “do for you” services – whereas a supervisor only provides advice and guidance.
  • Grad Coach provides a 100% safe, confidential space for you to ask questions, learn and grow – whereas the supervisor-student dynamic is complexified as the supervisor is often also the marker.
  • Grad Coach provides access to a range of methodological experts – whereas the supervisor is generally a subject matter expert on your topic, not a stats or qualitative analysis wizard.

To learn more about these differences, please click here for a full explanation.

How are your services delivered?

Our services are provided over digital channels – primarily video/voice conferencing (Zoom) and email. This ensures that there is always a communication paper trail, which you can review any time that suits you (for example, when you’re writing an assignment).

We provide recordings of all coaching sessions so that you don’t need to scramble to take notes during your coaching sessions. Additionally, the recordings allow you to review a conversation multiple times and extract the most from it.

Do you have any testimonials or reviews?


You can view our Facebook reviews here and our Trustpilot reviews here. If you’re still not convinced, we can provide you with contactable references.

Is your service allowed by universities?

Our coaching services are universally allowed. In fact, numerous universities refer students to us and some even use our content for teaching purposes.

We provide support services to help you improve the quality of your work. Importantly, all work must be written by you – we do not write for you. While there are organisations that will cross this ethical boundary, we refuse to engage in any activity which may be considered academic misconduct. If you are considering any academic writing service, please be aware that the use of such services can lead to expulsion or even revocation of your degree years after the fact.

Our data support services are allowed for certain programs/courses, depending on the focus of the program. For example, if you’re studying statistics, you typically wouldn’t be allowed to outsource your statistical analysis. Conversely, if you’re studying a management degree, you typically would be allowed to outsource statistical data analysis. You should check with your university if you are at all uncertain about what’s allowed.

Can you write for me?

This should go without saying, but we still get asked about this far too often. The answer – most definitely not. Grad Coach exists to help people grow.

Writing an assignment/dissertation/thesis for you does not result in you learning anything, and is a serious form of academic misconduct which can result in you being expelled from your program or university.

Will my work be treated confidentially?

Absolutely – all information is treated as strictly confidential. We will never share your data, nor mention your name anywhere. We are also happy to sign non-disclosure agreements.

What are your terms and conditions?

You can view our full terms and conditions here.

What payment terms and options do you offer?

Our payment options are detailed on this page.

We work on a strictly prepaid basis. We do not offer any form of credit or financing options.

I called your number, but was asked for a meeting ID?

Given the nature of our work (i.e. regularly engaging in consultations with clients), we are seldom available to take unscheduled calls (you wouldn’t want your coach taking calls during your session, right?). Therefore, we work on a scheduled basis. Scheduling a call is quick and easy using our online booking system. Alternatively, just email us and we’ll respond ASAP.

My work is due in the next few days. Can you help me?

It’s not ideal, but we will do our best to help. Please contact us as soon as possible.

What are your prices?

The pricing structure varies depending on the service (i.e. coaching, data services or presentation services). You can view the pricing details here.

Coaching services are charged on a time basis. All coaching hour purchases are valid for 12 months, so you can use the hours as and when you need.

Data services and presentation services are generally priced as fixed projects, quoted on a case by case basis.

What is your refund policy?

All purchases are strictly non-refundable.

Can you help me with my application to a university?

If your application requires a research topic or proposal (as is common for PhD applications), we can assist with that aspect of the application.

We would need you to provide as much institution-specific information as possible so that we can advise accordingly. Please book a consultation with a coach to discuss.

What's the difference between a live session and a document review?

A live coaching session is a realtime online meeting (video or audio) with your coach. In the session, you can discuss anything you need assistance with. For example, you might discuss topic ideas, how to approach your next chapter, how to undertake a specific analysis, etc.

A document review is an offline review where you send your document to your coach and they review it on their own, at the scheduled time. They will provide extensive commentary within the document (including what’s wrong, why it’s problematic and how to correct it), and then email the document back to you with all the feedback. You then review the and digest the feedback at a time that suits you.

Can you review my document in real time on a call?

Generally, this is not an effective (or efficient) way to use your budget, as you’ll spend most your time on the call listening to silence while your coach reads your document and considers their responses. 

For the highest-quality feedback and advice, you should have your coach review your work before having a call (although their written feedback is generally ample and a call is not needed). 

Which pricing-level applies to me?

If you require support with your dissertation, thesis or research project, or an assignment, essay or report about research skills (for example, literature review of methodology), the dissertation pricing applies.

If you are Henley student and require support with coursework that is not research-related (e.g. a strategy or HR assignment) or exams, the coursework pricing applies.

English is not my first language (ESL student). Can you help me?

Yes, we can. In fact, many of our students are international ESL students. We can assist both with the academic aspects (e.g. coaching) and the English communication aspects (e.g. editing and proofreading).

I am currently failing. Can you help me?

Yes. We work with a diverse range of students – from those that are failing and desperately need help in order to pass, through to those who are earning merits and want to improve their grades to distinction-level.

Can you do my analysis for me?

For qualitative research projects, we can assist with qualitative data coding, but we cannot perform your qualitative analysis. However, our coaches can provide you with hands-on guidance and review your analysis to ensure it’s on point (billed separately).

For quantitative research projects, we can assist with statistical analysis (crunching the numbers), but we cannot write up a findings chapter for you. Again, our coaches can provide you with hands-on guidance and review your analysis to ensure it is on point (billed separately).

The rules regarding data support vary between universities and degrees. Before engaging in any data services, you should confirm with your university what forms of data support are allowed.

What does the coding service include?

We will provide an initial coding structure, fully coded transcripts, and an Excel-based summary of all coded data, along with codes and line references.

You can then use this coding (or develop it further) as the basis for your own analysis. The coding service is not a substitute for your own analysis. Should you need further assistance with the qualitative analysis, we can provide guidance and support in the form of coaching (billed separately). 

What does the statistical analysis service include?

We will undertake the relevant statistical analysis as discussed and agreed with you beforehand and provide you with all output reports for your interpretation.

Can you help me lower my word count?

Yes – as part of the editing process, we will edit your work for concision. However, we cannot guarantee a certain word count or percentage reduction.

Will you sort out my references and citations?

Yes – as part of the editing process, we will ensure that your references and citations are in the correct format (e.g. Harvard, APA, etc) as per your university’s requirements (you’ll need to advise us what these are).

However, please note that we cannot fill in incomplete references or find the relevant sources for you. Your reference data must be complete. We also cannot check whether the references you have are accurate or suitable. 

Can you sort out my table of contents?

Yes, we can create a table of contents based on the headings and subheadings throughout your dissertation or thesis. This will include the respective page number for each heading or subheading.

Can you provide me with a certificate of editing?

Yes, certainly. We can issue a certificate according to your university’s requirements. We can also sign any paperwork required by your university.

Can you write my abstract (or exec summary) for me?

No, we can’t. As part of the editing process, we will improve the quality of your writing, but we cannot write any section for you, including the abstract (or exec summary). Having any section written for you would constitute academic misconduct.

Should I get my work edited before or after supervisor signoff?

Generally, editing and proofreading should be the very last step in the dissertation/thesis process. This ensures that you don’t “undo” any editing work or introduce new typos or grammar issues.

However, if your supervisor has specifically instructed you to get your work edited before submitting it to them for final review, you should follow their instructions.

Can you rephrase text to reduce my plagiarism score?

No, we can’t. We cannot rewrite any section for you as this would constitute academic misconduct. 

Can you do a second review of my document after the first edit?

We can review your document as many times as you need, but each review is charged separately.

We cannot provide a second review (after we’ve edited and proofread) free of charge.

Will you check my work for plagiarism?

In the process of editing, should we notice obvious plagiarism in your document, we’ll make you aware of it. However, the editing and proofreading service does not include formal plagiarism checking as part of the service.