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We’re on a mission…

At Grad Coach, we’re on a mission to bring academia “back down to earth” and democratise access to knowledge. We aim to achieve this by providing plain-language, action-oriented support to students around the globe across a range of formats, both paid and unpaid.

We live by five core values:

Humility – We recognise our weaknesses, keep our egos in check and our minds open to growth. We remain curious, always eager to learn and improve the way we do things.

Candid compassion – We take a genuine interest in the success of our clients and approach each challenge with empathy. At the same time, we communicate openly, honestly and respectfully, directly addressing problems as they arise.

Enthusiasm – We maintain a positive, can-do attitude. We appreciate that challenges are par for the course and that resilience is the key to our long-term success.

Action – We prioritise taking action, sensitive to our clients’ (and our own) time constraints. We recognise that “done is better than perfect” and that excessive deliberation can be fatal.

Integrity – We deliver what we promise and we promise to do the right thing. We’re honest, academically and professionally, and we stand behind our work with confidence.


We’re always keen to hear from people who share our vision and values. If you’re interested in applying for a coaching role, you can do so here. For any other roles, please email us here.