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Let our team of seasoned professionals take care of non-core tasks so that you can focus the things that really matter: analysis and writing.

Language editing

Editing & Proofreading

Hands down, our most popular service. 

Our expert editors will meticulously review your draft for language-related issues and polish it into its finest form. An essential final step for any dissertation, thesis or capstone project.

Qualitative research services

Transcription & Qualitative Coding

A major time saver for qualitative projects.

We’ll take your audio recordings and carefully transcribe them into clearly formatted documents. 100% manual, no A.I.

From there, you can also make use of our qualitative coding service, where one of our PhD-qualified specialists will systematically code your transcripts in alignment with your research aims.

Quant research services

Data Collection & Statistical Testing

For quantitative projects, we offer two lines of support.

With our survey design service, we take your survey questions and craft a user-friendly, conversion-centric online survey.

If you’ve already collected your data, we can undertake the statistical testing using SPSS or R and provide you with all the relevant outputs, which will form the foundation of your analysis. 


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