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How It Works

Getting your qualitative data carefully coded is as easy as 1-2-3.

The coding process

What Exactly You Get

You’ll receive 3 core deliverables when you work with us:

Qualitative coding structure
Coded data
Coding database

We can code data for various types of qualitative analyses, including (but not limited to) content analysis, thematic analysis, narrative analysis and discourse analysis.

The Grad Coach Difference

Three things make Grad Coach the obvious choice for qualitative coding:

100% Manual Coding

Your data will be manually coded by PhD-qualified, seasoned qualitative researchers, that have a deep understanding of English language usage. No AI or automation here.

Context-Sensitive Coding

All your data will be coded against the backdrop of your research aims and objectives, as well as your intended analysis method, ensuring you have a highly relevant coding structure.

Text & Audio-Based Coding

If you’re working with audio recordings and haven’t yet transcribed them, our team of seasoned transcribers will carefully transcribe your data, completely manually.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most popular coding-related questions we get asked.

Qualitative Coding

Do you code manually or with software?

To ensure the highest quality of coding, we code all content completely manually (in other words, it's done by humans).

Coding is handled by our experienced, highly-qualified team of qualitative research specialists. All our coders have extensive academic experience, are native English speakers (from the US, UK and SA) and have worked on numerous research projects.

We do not use any automation or software-based coding tools, as these tools can never be as accurate and effective as human-based coding. Quality is our priority.

Can I see a sample/example of your coding?

Yes, certainly. You can download a sample coding project here.

What format do you provide the coded content in?

We code all content in Word, using the comments feature to label the respective words and phrases.  We then export all coded content into an Excel spreadsheet for easy navigation, filtering and sorting. You can view a sample of this here.

Can your coding be imported into NVivo, ATLAS.ti, MaxQDA, etc.?

The summary Excel spreadsheet that we provide (see example here) can be imported into most qualitative analysis software packages. However, you should check the import capabilities of your chosen software beforehand, to ensure compatibility.

My interviews aren't transcribed yet. Can you code these?

We will need transcribed versions of your interviews. If you need us to transcribe, we do offer a transcription service in addition to coding. We will quote you separately for this service if needed.

What is the process if I work with you?

The typical engagement process is as follows:

1 - Quote

First, we'll have an initial discussion (over email or Google Meet) to understand your project and specific requirements. Once we have these details, we'll provide you with a firm quote and timeline.

2 - Project kickoff

You'll send us your data (e.g., interview transcripts), along with the details regarding your research aims and objectives, research questions and methodology, so that we can assess the best possible approach to coding your data.

3 - Approval and execution

We'll review all the information and propose a coding structure/approach. Once you've agreed to this, we'll get to work coding and send you the completed project as per the agreed timeline.

How long will it take to get my data coded?

This depends on a few factors, including the size and complexity of your dataset, as well as our capacity at your time of enquiring. We have completed coding projects in as little as 24 hours, but a typical project requires at least a few days.

Feel free to request a quotation, at which point we'll also confirm our availability/timelines.

How much does coding cost?

Our fee is based on the quantity and length of the interview transcripts (or any other text-based data set).

For a rough indication of typical costs, please visit the pricing page. For a firm quotation, please email us or book a free initial consultation.

What format do you require the data to be in?

We code in Microsoft Word, so please send us your data in this format (i.e., DOCX). If your documents are in another format, we can convert them to Word format, but this will impact the turnaround time.

Can you code my interviews one by one, as I complete them?

We can, but we don't recommend it. We recommend that you wait until you have your complete data set before starting with the coding process. Coding is an iterative process, and so we need to review the entire data set (e.g., all interviews) to ensure a comprehensive coding structure.

Should I include my interview questions in my transcripts?

Yes, we need these in order to understand the context of each response.

Can you assist with the qualitative analysis as well?

We can assist you in undertaking your analysis on a coaching basis, but this is separate from the coding service. If you would like guidance through the analysis phase, please book an initial consultation with one of our friendly coaches to discuss how we can help you.

Please keep in mind that the analysis itself needs to be your own work. We can coach you through the process step by step and provide detailed feedback regarding your writing, but we cannot write up your analysis for you, as that would constitute academic misconduct.

I still have questions…

No problem. Feel free to email us or book an initial consultation to discuss.

Still have a question? No problem – feel free to email us or book a consultation.

What our clients say

We've worked 1:1 with 3000+ students. Here's what some of them have to say:

David's depth of knowledge in research methodology was truly impressive. He demonstrated a profound understanding of the nuances and complexities of my research area, offering insights that I hadn't even considered. His ability to synthesize information, identify key research gaps, and suggest research topics was truly inspiring. I felt like I had a true expert by my side, guiding me through the complexities of the proposal.

Cyntia Sacani (US)

I had been struggling with the first 3 chapters of my dissertation for over a year. I finally decided to give GradCoach a try and it made a huge difference. Alexandra provided helpful suggestions along with edits that transformed my paper. My advisor was very impressed.

Tracy Shelton (US)

Working with Kerryn has been brilliant. She has guided me through that pesky academic language that makes us all scratch our heads. I can't recommend Grad Coach highly enough; they are very professional, humble, and fun to work with. If like me, you know your subject matter but you're getting lost in the academic language, look no further, give them a go.

Tony Fogarty (UK)

So helpful! Amy assisted me with an outline for my literature review and with organizing the results for my MBA applied research project. Having a road map helped enormously and saved a lot of time. Definitely worth it.

Jennifer Hagedorn (Canada)

Everything about my experience was great, from Dr. Shaeffer’s expertise, to her patience and flexibility. I reached out to GradCoach after receiving a 78 on a midterm paper. Not only did I get a 100 on my final paper in the same class, but I haven’t received a mark less than A+ since. I recommend GradCoach for everyone who needs help with academic research.

Antonia Singleton (Qatar)

I started using Grad Coach for my dissertation and I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for them, I would have really struggled. I would strongly recommend them – worth every penny!

Richard Egenreider (South Africa)

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