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Grad Coach is saving my sanity and hope while completing my dissertation. Coach Ethar is outstanding – he brings his joy and wisdom into each session. I know he is there for my success. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of this work, he has helped me break each section into manageable steps. Don’t go it alone – Grad Coach is amazing. (View on Facebook)

Michelle Thompson

I am utilizing a one-on-one coaching service that assists me with fundamental issues in paper structuring. The team is professional, patient, and efficient. If I become a professor in the future, I will recommend and endorse this wonderful service to my students. (View on Facebook)

Suzy Lau

Grad Coach was really helpful with my dissertation. I was totally lost with my literature review and they helped me see the light very quickly. Thank you! (View on Trustpilot)

Gordon Blake

Peter helped me out with a document review after our online consultations. His guidance and knowledge through each section of my chapters had far exceeded my expectations. Everything was clear, thorough and precise. Amazing, I would highly recommend him for any assistance you may need! (View on Trustpilot)

Laura Molisho

I was provided with the perfect level of support for my dissertation which allowed me to achieve a distinction level. I learnt a lot more through the experience due to the probing questions put to me by my coach, which led me to a deeper evaluation and analysis (and understanding) of my data. (View on Trustpilot)

Belle Moore

I approached Grad Coach when I was piecing my MSc dissertation together. I was stuck in a rut and didn’t know how to move my research forward. Derek and his team were life savers – they took the time to understand my project and what I wanted to achieve, and then guided me step by step through the process.

Looking back, I don’t know how I would have made it without the Grad Coach team. Thank you so much! (View on Trustpilot)

Julia Denniston

I only started using Grad Coach in Stage 2 [of my MBA], and it was the best decision that I could have made. Apart from all the help that I received from Derek, I have also seen a tremendous improvement in my writing as well as my critical thinking not only in my assignments but also in my workplace.

Derek has a beautiful way of teaching, encouraging and honesty in his feedback. His style gives each module a level of excitement, and although it remains challenging, I never once found myself bored or confused. Above all, I am confident going into my MRC [dissertation], knowing that, to a large extent, I have mastered most of the skills needed to finish this last stage successfully!

Loyiso Bala

Derek and the team at Grad Coach were my lifesavers. I called them up last minute when I was in panic mode, with less than three weeks left to submit my MSc dissertation and a complete mess half-cooked document. The team very quickly checked out my work, supervisor feedback, etc and then gave me a very clear plan of action, along with tons of hands-on support and feedback. Nothing was ever too much for them, no question was ever too stupid.

I’m proud to say that I got my dissertation in, submitted on time and even got a great mark and very positive marker feedback. All thanks to the superstars at Grad Coach. Thank you so much. (View on Trustpilot)

John Peterson

I engaged with Grad Coach during my MBA, including the dissertation. They were very helpful, providing clear guidance and feedback, and did also challenge the insight discovered. I would recommend them to anyone looking for help with their studies.

Flemming Finding

I am a professional procrastinator, which is why I contacted Grad Coach at the eleventh hour.

To be honest, I was expecting them to say “sorry, we can’t help you”. But, to my surprise, they made a plan for me and in two weeks we managed to do what I wasn’t able to do for 3 months.

Thank you so much to the awesome people at Grad Coach. Highly recommended.

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Jeff Lewis

Dr Carin Stoltz-Urban assisted me during my MRC challenge and provided valuable guidance and input keeping me focused on reaching my goal. I would gladly recommend Dr Carin and the Grad Coach team to anyone! 

Van Aardt Cloete

Grad Coach does exactly what they say they’ll do. I worked with Derek’s team and he took me from struggling and fearful to confident and competent, quickly and effectively. Thanks to Derek and the team for all their hands on help. I am forever grateful. (View on Trustpilot)

Nathan Hughes

Grad Coach has been a life saver. Derek has really helped me in my MBA programme especially in key modules such as Strategy and International business. Through his guidance, I have not only successfully passed these subjects but always learnt a lot from him in regards to improving my analytical skills necessary for such a degree. 

Giles Clinton

I was completing my MBA dissertation on a part-time basis, juggling a full-time management job and family responsibilities. Grad Coach really help me cut through the noise, work efficiently and effectively so that I could submit my dissertation on-time and achieve a respectable mark. They know what they’re talking about when it comes to research, and they helped me understand exactly what I had to do to achieve my research goals. (View on Trustpilot)

Jenny Patterson

Derek has provided excellent guidance and helped out where I felt completely lost. The process and attention to detail allows one to gather their thoughts in a structured manner. Knowing where and how to start, and implementing a well structured plan that meets the assignment criteria takes a lot of pressure off the already difficult task. Attention to detail is key in making sure you hit those marks as you make your various points.

Elias Panagiotopoulos

I contacted Grad Coach when I was nearing the end of my MBA and starting to think about my dissertation. At that point, I was really lost and confused about what I needed to do. I had a bunch of random ideas, but no idea how to choose between them and decided on one, or how to move forward.

I made a booking with one of the Grad coaches and it was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. My coach explained things simply to me, helped me through every stage, and took the time to listen to both me and my supervisor (and helped me communicate with my supervisor too).

Overall, I would highly recommend them for anyone feeling a bit confused about their research. They are true experts in their field. (View on Trustpilot)

Abigail Adams

Derek’s calm, patient manner and ability to make you feel competent and capable make him a great coach. He spent hours imparting skills and working through material, case studies and analysis with me and it never felt like work. If you are considering getting support, look no further than Grad Coach. 

Robyn Francis

I was a jumble of nerves when I first began my dissertation! After the initial anxiety passed, I searched for a dissertation coach. I found a few who were either asking for thousands (literally), and others who did not understand the type of help I needed. Then, I found GradCoach, and I am so glad I did. Not only are their prices reasonable but the amount of clarity and support I got from Dr Osella not only provided me with clarity, but also she gave me the confidence to know that I could complete my dissertation. I strongly recommend Grad Coach. (View on Trustpilot)

Dahlia Mikha

It’s rare to find someone that has the passion, skills, knowledge and most importantly the patience Derek demonstrates throughout his teaching. I feel inspired leaving every session with him. Thank you for sharing your invaluable expertise!

Amy Cardoso

Working a full time job and doing your MBA can be daunting. Without the help of Derek through some of my assignments and exam preps and Dr. Carin for my dissertation, I would not have made it.

Derek has the patience & capability of seeing the big picture, structured view of a task and clearly articulates the methodology to follow. Definitely able to gain points with his logic. Dr. Carin is patient and understanding with her approach with constant support with materials and information on getting your dissertation to a quality and standard that is academically world class. (View on Trustpilot)

Elizabeth George

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