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Evaluate Potential Topics With Ease

You’ve worked through some of the literature and identified a few potential research topics, but you’re not sure whether they really stack up. Or perhaps you’ve got two strong candidate topics and can’t decide which one is best…

Worry not. Our free research topic evaluation worksheet will help you fast-track your topic ideation and evaluation process. Using the worksheet, you’ll be able to systematically evaluate your prospective topics based on:

  1. Topic originality/novelty
  2. Value and significance
  3. Data access
  4. Equipment access
  5. Time constraints and requirements
  6. Literature base
  7. Supervisor accessibility
  8. Ethical considerations
  9. Personal appeal 
  10. Project risk

Best of all, the worksheet is completely free. So, download your copy today.

Not quite at the topic evaluation stage yet? No problem.

Here are a few resources that will help you find potential research ideas:

If you’re new to academic research, join our free Topic Ideation 101 webinar (below) to learn how to find a high-quality topic and develop your proposal.¬†

Free Webinar: How To Find A Dissertation Research Topic

Prefer to get 1-on-1 help with your research topic? Be sure to check out our private coaching services, where we assist you through the topic ideation process.