100% Human-Powered Transcription

Get your audio recordings manually transcribed by real human transcribers for maximum accuracy. No automation or AI.

  • Meticulous manual transcription by English-language specialists
  • Smart editing of “ums”, “errs” and other fillers
  • 100% confidentiality guaranteed by NDA
  • Qualitative coding option available

How It Works

Getting your audio carefully transcribed by the Grad Coach team is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Transcription process - quote
Transcription process - transcribe
Transcription process - deliver

Depending on the size of your project, we can transcribe your audio in as little as 12 hours. If you need your transcriptions coded, we can also handle qualitative coding for you.

The Grad Coach Difference

Four things make Grad Coach the number one choice for audio transcription:

audio transcription is completely manual

100% Human-Based

Your recordings are manually transcribed by a seasoned transcriber, to ensure maximum accuracy. We never use any automation software, as accuracy is our number one priority.

audio transcripts are smart edited

Manual “Smart” Editing

We edit your transcriptions to remove unnecessary fillers such as ums and errs, without losing any context. If you’d prefer to keep your transcription 100% verbatim, we can do that too. 

audio transcription is confidential

Legally Binding Confidentiality

Data confidentiality and privacy are guaranteed. We can provide a legally binding non-disclosure agreement (NDA), to give you complete peace of mind that your data and information are safe. 

audio transcripts can be qualitatively coded

Qualitative Coding (Optional)

If you need your transcripts coded (inductively or deductively), we can assist with this too. Our team of qualitative analysis experts can provide you with 100% human-based coding. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most popular transcription-related questions we get asked.

Audio Transcription

Is your transcription human/manual or automatic/software?

To ensure the highest quality of transcription, we transcribe all content completely manually (in other words, it’s done by humans). We never use any automation or software-based transcription tools as these can never be as accurate as human-driven transcription.

Transcription is handled by our highly qualified team of qualitative research specialists. The team is managed by Dr Eunice Rautenbach, who holds both a Masters and Doctoral degree in language practice. All team members have extensive transcription experience, are native English speakers (from the US, UK and SA) and have worked on numerous dissertations, theses and research projects.

Can I see an example/sample of your work?

Yes, certainly. You can download a sample transcript here.

Why should I use Grad Coach for transcription?

Here are a few things that make us different from the rest:

  • All transcription is 100% manual and human-based for maximum accuracy (no automation or software).
  • Transcription is handled by highly qualified, native English speakers with extensive research experience.
  • Your confidentiality is legally guaranteed (NDA).
  • Should you need it, we can also provide coding support and 1-on-1 coaching for the analysis phase.

How much does transcription cost?

Our fee is based on the length and complexity of your recordings, as well as the total size of the project. You can learn about our pricing here.

What is the process for working with you?

The typical engagement process is as follows:

  1. First, we'll have an initial discussion (over email or Google Meet) to understand your project and requirements
  2. Next, we'll provide you with a firm quote and guaranteed timeline.
  3. You'll upload your audio files.
  4. We'll get to work transcribing and send you the completed project as per the agreed timeline.

Can I send you my interviews as I complete them?

Yes, we can transcribe your interviews one by one, or as a batch. However, you may benefit from a better fee if you submit your files in one batch.

Can you transcribe MP4/MP3/Zoom/Meet/Teams files?

We can work with most common audio and video file formats, as long as the audio quality is good. If the recording quality is poor, we will mark the respective sections as [Inaudible] in the transcript file. Poor quality audio will also result in a longer transcription time, so its important to ensure your recordings are of a high-quality.

Can you remove the “umms” and “errs”?

Yes, we will edit filler words and useless sounds as part of the transcription process.

Can you remove the names and identities of places and people?

If you request this before we start with the transcription process, we can do this. However, the responsibility to ensure the anonymity of your interviewees remains yours.

Can you code the transcripts as well?

Yes, but this is a separate service. You can learn about our qualitative coding service here.

I still have questions…

No problem. Feel free to email us or book an initial consultation to discuss.

Still have a question? No problem – feel free to email us or book a consultation.

What Our Clients Say

I started using Grad Coach for my dissertation and I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for them, I would have really struggled. I would strongly recommend them – worth every penny!

Richard Egenreider

Grad Coach is like a guardian angel. The value I derived from the guidance and coaching when writing my thesis was second to none. I’m forever grateful to Grad Coach.

Moloko Komane

Grad Coach gave me really good feedback that enabled me to submit my dissertation proposal early and get immediate approval. I would recommend Grad without hesitation.

Andrew O'Flaherty

Not convinced? Read more reviews and testimonials here.

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