How To Reference In Microsoft Word

Step-By-Step Video Tutorial With Examples

By: Derek Jansen (MBA) | Expert Reviewer: Dr Eunice Rautenbach | March 2024

In this video tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Microsoft Word’s referencing function for in-text citations and bibliographies. In it, we cover selecting citation styles, adding sources, using placeholders, creating reference lists or bibliographies, and managing sources through Word’s Source Manager. We also discuss some free alternative reference managers like Mendeley and Zotero for more style options and flexibility.

Overview & timestamps

00:00 Introduction to Microsoft Word’s Referencing Function
01:00 Understanding the Reference Management Functionality
01:25 Setting the Citation Style
01:57 Adding and Editing Citations
03:55 Using Placeholders in Citations
04:28 Creating a Reference List or Bibliography
05:35 Understanding the Source Manager
07:07 Conclusion and Additional Resources

Key resources

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