Peter Quella (PhD)

Meet Peter – your friendly research wiz.

Having undertaken research and writing for Harvard Global Initiatives (including Harvard Business School), extensive multidisciplinary ethnographic research funded by a Fulbright Scholarship, research grants funded by the British Library and US Department of EducationPeter knows how to develop high-quality research (and how to help you do the same).

Quick facts

  • Methodology: Qualitative
  • Data collection methods: Interviews, focus groups, document reviews, observational research, expert opinions
  • Data analysis methods: content analysis, narrative analysis, discourse analysis, grounded theory
  • Typical research areas: Social sciences, business and management, arts and humanities, African studies, psycho-social studies, anthropology, political science


Peter is no stranger to the world of research and academia. He has researched and written for Harvard Global Initiatives, which included case studies for Harvard Business School. At Boston University, Peter held positions as the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Acting Director of the African Languages programme, and as an Adjunct Professor of African Studies. He has edited six volumes of three academic journals and ten monographs by nine authors.

In terms of direct student support, Peter has over 7 years of experience advising and supporting students on research projects (at both undergraduate and postgraduate level), and six years of experience teaching writing-intensive courses.

Simply put, Peter possesses a valuable blend of research experience, teaching experience and a broader understanding of academia, which enables him to add tremendous value to students undertaking their research, at any level.


Peter completed his BS Civil Engineering at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. He then changed direction, turning towards the social sciences, where he completed his MA African Languages and Literature at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Following this, he undertook his PhD in the same area of study, also with the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

While Peter focuses on qualitative research within the social sciences, his background in engineering, combined with his passion for languages and literature gives him a truly unique research perspective.

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