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Get hands-on help to analysing and interpreting your data.
Wherever you are in the analysis process, we’ll help you:

~ Clean up and process your data (qualitative or quantitative)
~ Analyse and interpret the meaning of your data
~ Plan a clear structure for your analysis chapter
~ Craft a watertight chapter that earns marks

Here's how we help you.

With you, whichever stage you’re at.

Whether you’ve just started collecting data, are in the thick of cleaning and analysis data, or you’ve already written a draft analysis chapter, we’ll move you forward.

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Situation #1:

You need help analysing your data.

If you’re new to the world of research, data analysis can be incredibly daunting, whether its qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods. Get this part wrong and the results can be disastrous for your research.

We’ll hold your hand through the data analysis process. We’ll help you clean the data, undertake whichever qualitative analysis or statistical tests you need, and help you interpret the results in plain language.

Situation #2:

You need help planning the chapter.

As if the task of analysing the data is not challenging enough, writing your analysis chapter presents a whole new challenge. You need to communicate your findings (and interpretations) very carefully. 

Based on your analysis findings and research objectives, we’ll help you develop a clear, logical and smooth-flowing structure for your analysis chapter, so that you have a clear road map for your writing. 

Thesis proposal structure
Dissertation proposal review

Situation #3:

You need a critical review of your draft.

You’ve pinned crunched your data, crafted a clear a structure and written up the first draft of your analysis chapter – well done!
Now its time to get a second set of eyes on your work.

Once you’ve written up your draft (or even just a section of it), we’ll meticulously review your writing and provide you with plain-language feedback, highlighting the problem areas (and how to fix them).

How To Get Your Analysis Moving

Wherever you are in the data analysis process, getting started with Grad Coach is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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Grad Coach is like a guardian angel. The value I derived from the guidance and coaching when writing my thesis was second to none. I’m forever grateful to Grad Coach.

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Grad Coach gave me really good feedback that enabled me to submit my dissertation proposal early and get immediate approval. I would recommend Grad without hesitation.

Andrew O'Flaherty

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