The Grad Coach Service Suite

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1-On-1 Coaching

1-on-1, hands-on coaching and feedback through every step of your research journey.

Dissertation & Thesis Topic Ideation

Topic Ideation

We help you find suitable, high-quality topic ideas and evaluate them to find the perfect one.

Dissertation & Thesis Proposal Help

Research Proposal

We help you develop a convincing research proposal that has the best chance of first-time approval.

Literature Review Help

Literature Review

We help you find the most relevant, high-quality articles and guide you to develop a solid literature review.

methodology and design


We help you choose a methodology, design your research strategy, and develop a strong methods chapter.

Dissertation Analysis Support

Data Analysis

We help you make sense of your data, critically analyse it, and write up a rigorous analysis chapter.

thesis review

Critical Review

We thoroughly review each chapter and provide you with clear, honest, actionable feedback and advice.

Dissertation defence (viva voce) prep

Defense Preparation

We help you thoroughly prepare for your dissertation or thesis defense (also known as the viva voce) 

Data Collection & Preparation

Straightforward data services to save you time, so you can focus on high-value activities.

Interview Transcription Services


We transcribe your interview recording into a cleanly formatted text document, ready for coding and analysis.

Qualitative Data Coding

Data Coding

We review your data to help develop a clear coding structure and then code your data accordingly.

Dissertation Survey Design & Hosting

Survey Design

We design your survey according to your research objectives, then host it online for your respondents.

Thesis Statistical Analysis

Statistical Testing

We undertake statistical testing of your data according to your specified methodology, aims and objectives.

Language Editing & Proofreading

Meticulous language editing to ensure you submit a professional, polished document.

Dissertation & Thesis Editing

Language Editing

We edit your work to improve the flow and clarity of your points and arguments, ensuring the best first impression.

Dissertation Proofreading Services


We fix up typos,  punctuation, grammar issues, spelling inconsistencies and presentation issues.

Thesis Referencing Checking


We ensure that all of your citations and references are 100% correct, according to your university’s spec.

Dissertation & Thesis Graphic Design


We review your written work and provide a detailed plagiarism report, highlighting problem areas.

Commercial Research Services

Professional research services for businesses that want to make data-informed decisions. Includes end-to-end research design, training and advisory. Learn more here.