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Research proposal course

Research Proposal Bootcamp

The perfect starting point for new researchers, this course provides a step-by-step, practical guide to help you craft a convincing research proposal. Includes access to our popular proposal template.

Literature review course

Literature Review Bootcamp

The ultimate how-to guide for developing a high-quality, comprehensive but concise literature review that lays a firm foundation for your study. Includes free chapter template.

Research methodology course

Research Methodology Bootcamp

By far, the fastest way to gain a holistic, big-picture view of the key methodological concepts, challenges and decisions that you’ll need to make when designing your own research study. 

What Students Say

Explanations were clear, and concise. The course is well-structured enabling me to see the progress of the chapter. Thank you.

Wei Leong Yong

Fantastic course, well worth the time, effort, and expense. Highly recommended for anyone starting their research journey. 

Kpehe M.

The lessons are really enlightening and I’m improving my knowledge on research. Thanks to GradCoach

Faruq A

My professors are not nearly as clear as this Bootcamp when explaining what is required in a proposal. Absolutely superb course as I prepare my PhD proposal.
Kevin D.

The course provided is incredibly comprehensive, offering a well-structured breakdown of content into manageable chunks. The instructor’s upbeat and pleasant demeanor throughout the class enhances the learning experience. The course effectively caters to both fundamental requirements for proposal writing and research as a whole.

Lily S.

I am learning so much about more than just the proposal. This applies to academic writing on other levels, for example, thinking about the verbs we use in discussion. Also, my confidence is growing as a mature student returning to full-time academia after a long break. This course is a gem.

Juliana B.