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Statistics Cheatsheet

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the all the complex terminology within the daunting world of statistics? Our free statistics cheatsheet makes it all a little easier by providing a plain-language overview of the key terminology and concepts.

Statistics Cheatsheet

What’s Included: Stats Cheatsheet

The free cheat sheet covers key concepts and terminology for both descriptive and inferential statistics. This includes:

  1. Types of data (categorical and numerical)
  2. Type of frequency distributions
  3. Descriptive statistics such as the mean, median and mode
  4. Inferential statistics such as t-tests, chi-square and correlation
  5. Probability, effect size and significance levels

In a nutshell, the stats cheatsheet is a great starting point for any student new to the often intimidating world of statistics and quantitative analysis. If that describes you, you’ll also want to check out out descriptive and inferential statistics explainer videos below.

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