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Get plain-language, actionable feedback and advice regarding your dissertation or thesis, as you complete each chapter or section.
We’ll review your writing and clearly explain:

~ Which area/sections are problematic or need improvement
~ Exactly why they’re not up to standard (in simple terms)
~ How you can correct them as easily as possible

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Here's how we help you.

What (Exactly) We Look At

When we critically review your dissertation or thesis (or parts of it), we assess various academic aspects, including:

  • The suitability and relevance of your topic, research question(s), aims and objectives.
  • The diversity, depth and structure of your literature review.
  • Your use of theories, models, frameworks, figures and tables.
  • The balance of description and analysis in your core chapters.
  • The quality, relevance and structure of your core arguments.
  • The suitability of your research methodology, as well as your application thereof, from data collection to analysis.
  • The strength, structure and presentation of your conclusions.
  • Softer factors such as structure, readability and flow.

In other words, we review the “meat” of your dissertation or thesis and then provide plain-language, actionable feedback, so that you can improve the overall academic quality and earn higher marks.

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What We Don’t Look At

This service is not an English editing or proofreading service. In other words, we’re not looking a spelling, grammar, general English quality and citation and reference formatting.

While we do offer a editing service separately (which focuses on language quality and presentation aspects), this particular service focuses on improving the overall academic quality and rigour of your research, which is where you’ll earn the majority of marks.

How The Review Process Works

Getting your dissertation or thesis draft (or chapter thereof) reviewed by one of our friendly coaches is straightforward:

  1. You book a date and time for your document to be reviewed.
  2. We’ll meticulously review your work and mark up your document with detailed feedback – then send it back to you.
  3. If you’d like, we can have a follow-up call to discuss the feedback in more detail, or to answer any additional questions.
  4. Once you’ve revised your work, you can to book a second review to ensure the issues are all resolved (optional).

You’re welcome to have as many reviews as you like. Most students book 2-3 reviews to ensure that their work is the best it can be. 

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I started using Grad Coach for my dissertation and I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for them, I would have really struggled. I would strongly recommend them – worth every penny!

Richard Egenreider

Grad Coach is like a guardian angel. The value I derived from the guidance and coaching when writing my thesis was second to none. I’m forever grateful to Grad Coach.

Moloko Komane

Grad Coach gave me really good feedback that enabled me to submit my dissertation proposal early and get immediate approval. I would recommend Grad without hesitation.

Andrew O'Flaherty

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