Survey Design & Hosting

A well-designed survey that measures exactly what it’s supposed to is essential to getting high-quality data for your statistical analysis. Thankfully, Grad Coach makes this easy.

Survey design & hosting

What does this service involve?

We take care of your survey from start to finish – all you need to do is source the respondents. The scope of a typical survey design project includes the following:

  1. Sourcing tried and tested scales and measures from existing studies
  2. Custom designing new measures and scales from scratch
  3. Designing the full survey on an online hosting platform
  4. Pilot testing with a small sample and refining as needed
  5. Hosting the finalised survey
  6. Collecting and compiling the raw data

We can also assist with data cleaning and statistical analysis, should you need this.

What about offline surveys?

If you prefer to distribute your survey offline, we can still assist with the design and data compilation aspects. All data would be digitised and provided to you in Excel format.

How much does this cost?

Since every survey is different, we quote on a per-project basis. Factors that influence the cost include the length of the survey, the variables that need to be measured, and the overall complexity of the design.

How do I get started?

The first step is to have a free initial consultation about your intended research and survey. Based on this, we will then propose a plan of action, along with a quotation.

To get started, simply submit your details below or book a consultation call here.

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