Interview Recording Transcription

Faced with hours of interview recordings that need to get transcribed to text?
Grad Coach takes the load off you with completely done-for-you transcription.

Interview transcription Service

Completely hands-off. 

We take the hassle out of qualitative data collection and audio transcription. Simply send us your recordings in whatever format you have (typically MP3) and we’ll get to work transcribing the audio. We’ll then send you a neatly formatted Word document. Simple.

Clean, umm-free transcription.

Chances are, your recordings are full of pesky “umms” and “aahs”. We’ll clean these all out for you and provide you with an edited transcription that still maintains all meaning. 

Straightforward pricing.

Our transcription pricing is based on the total length of interview audio, explained below:

Number of HoursCost Per Hour
1 - 10 hours$62
11 - 20 hours$60
21+ hours$58
*All prices above are in US Dollars.

This pricing is based on the interview consisting of 2 people, decent quality audio, in English at an average spoken word speed of 125 WPM. If your recordings do not align with theses specifications, please contact us for a custom quote.

Need the interview data coded?

No problem. We can assist with the coding of your interview data as well. You can view the detail of our qualitative data coding service here.

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