Ruth Coetzer (PhD)

With 8+ years’ experience in higher education, including supervising both undergrad and postgrad dissertations and teaching research methodology courses, Ruth knows how to develop an A-grade dissertation, thesis or research project.

Beyond academia, Ruth has also been involved in numerous business research projects, giving her a uniquely integrated research perspective.

Quick facts

  • Methodology: Qualitative, quantitative and mixed
  • Data Collection Methods: Interviews, surveys, questionnaires
  • Data Analysis Methods: descriptive and inferential statistics, qualitative content analysis, thematic analysis, discourse analysis
  • Typical research areas: Social sciences, arts and humanities, psychology, psycho-social studies, anthropology
  • Supported software: ATLAS.ti, SPSS, Excel


In the academic world, Ruth has lectured both undergrad and postgrad level students, covering thesis writingresearch methodology (quant and qual), statistics (descriptive and inferential) and psychology (cognitive psych, social psych, personology, psychophysiology). She has supervised students at undergrad, honours and masters-level. Moreover, she has published her own research in the peer-reviewed Journal of Studies and Research in Human Geography, and authored a chapter in the textbook Social Psychology: Global and Southern African Perspectives (Pearson).

In the business world, Ruth has worked as a Data Analyst at JvR Psychometrics, as a Researcher at Thinkroom Consulting, and as the Head of Research at Mystic8 Consulting. In these roles, she undertook extensive commercial research, ranging from consumer insight research to internal HR evaluations to community needs analysis.

Ruth’s unique blend of academic and business research experience means that she can add tremendous value to students undertaking both traditional academic and more applied degrees such as MBAs and MComs.


Ruth completed her BA in Psychology (cum laude) at the University of Pretoria, followed by a B.Soc.Sci Honours in Psychology. She then went on to complete her Masters in Research Psychology (cum laude), before proceeding to undertake a PhD in psychology research .

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