Lindsey Darvin (PhD)

Meet Lindsey – our multi-method wiz.

Lindsey is an educator, researcher and dissertation coach with extensive experience in both qualitative and quantitative types of research.

Lindsey has a passion for helping students develop the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to achieve their academic goals. 

Quick facts

  • Methodologies: Qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods
  • Collection methods: Surveys, interviews, focus groups, observation-based methods, secondary data-based methods
  • Analysis methods: Various qualitative and quantitative (descriptive and inferential) analysis methods
  • Research interests: Psychology, sociology, management and business
  • Supported software: Word, Excel, SPSS, NVivo


Lindsey has extensive experience in tutoring, teaching and research supervision roles. She has worked closely with students as both the Masters and Doctoral levels, guiding them through their research projects from initial topic ideation to final edit.

In addition to being a Grad Coach, Lindsey serves as the Assistant Professor of Sport Management at SUNY Cortland (New York), where she teaches courses in ethics, administration, sales, research methods and sociology.


Lindsey completed her BA in Political Science at Bryn Mawr College (Pennsylvania). She then complete her MS in Sport Management at UMASS Amherst’s Isenberg Business School (Massachusetts), before going on to complete her PhD at the University of Florida. Her doctoral research spanned various fields, including health and human behaviour, sociology, sport management and business.

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