Chenai Muhwati (PhD)

Meet Chenai, your friendly Grad Coach.

A lifelong academic, Chenai brings her experience as a research supervisor, lecturer, moderator and program coordinator to the table to help students move their projects forward as efficiently as possible. Comfortable navigating both the qualitative and quantitative realms, Chenai is a powerful asset to any research student.

Chenai Muhwati

Quick facts

  • Methodologies: Qualitative and quantitative
  • Collection methods: Interview, focus groups, questionnaires, surveys
  • Analysis methods: Various qualitative methods (including thematic and content analysis), descriptive statistics and inferential statistics.
  • Research interests: Business management, supply chain management, sustainability, marketing, entrepreneurship
  • Supported software: NVivo, SPSS, Word, Excel


Over the last 10 years, Chenai has been involved in various academic support roles. She has worked as a lecturer, academic moderator, and program coordinator. As a research supervisor, she has supported students undertaking management-related research projects spanning a variety of industries. These include oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and agriculture, in both developed and developing countries


Chenai started her academic journey by undertaking a BCom (Marketing and Supply Chain) at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN), followed by a Honours degree with the same specialisation. She then went on to complete a Master Of Commerce (MCom), followed by a PhD with a focus on Supply Chain Management. She has also undertaken various courses covering a broad range of topics including innovation, intercultural management, sustainable development and the circular economy.